LOG 4: MAY 2020


Heathers (1988)

Hadn't seen this until now. Is the idea of a teenage psychopath blowing up his school eerily much more relevant than it was in 1988? Who cares, it's a fun movie.


Cathedral (PC)

Stopped playing when I couldn't get past a boss. Still, pretty good.


Videodrome (1983)

Is the idea of violent media implanting messages encouraging a man to go psycho and kill people eerily much more relevant than it was in 1983? Probably not, but who cares? Still fucking whips.

Tender Touches seasons 1 and 2

This is the best Adult Swim show I've seen in years, primarily because it echoes the extremely low-budget early days of the network. Rat Man is the best character.


Kid A Radiohead

Yeah, it's alright.

Knee Deep WhoMadeWho

Oddly bleak with a beat you can dance to. Intensely scandanavian.


Miami Blues (1990)

Alec Baldwin goes full Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in what is the best performance I've ever seen him turn in.

Brain Damage (1988)

A very obvious metaphor sucks out people's brains. OK.

Kero Blaster (PC)

Turns out the Cave Story guy is real good at making games. Who knew.

MAY 10

Kollosus of Makedonia Hurrah Torpedo

MAY 11

Little Dark Age MGMT

I wrote this off when I first listened to it, but a friend inspired me to re-evaluate it and I have to admit, it's alright, and not nearly as offensive to the senses I first thought. I still think the song "TSLAMP" is lame, though.

Little Dark Age(Matthew Dear Remix Album) MGMT

I remember this being fine, yet I have a hard time recalling a thing about it.

Omensight (PC)

Omensight is from the developers of Stories: The Path of Destinies, and it shows, including the same hallmarks that game has: furries, intense self-seriousness, a focus on an underwhelming story, imprecise and mushy controls, and somehow managing to run like shit despite having very simple art assets.

MAY 12

Southern Comfort (1981)

National Guard Vs. Cajuns. What more do you need?

MAY 14

Corto Maltese: The Fable of Venice by Hugo Pratt

Another great story by the master. Makes my wanderlust even more intense. Y'know, in a good way.

Love and Anarchy (1973)

Fellas, don't you just hate it when your lady friends care aout you too much to let you try and assassinate Mussolini?

MAY 15

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek (2018)

Hey, ever think about how fucked up it is that there are far-right extremists forming militias all over the country and that there seems to be almost no one who is trying to shut that down? Anyway, pretty good movie and pretty tense. I guessed the ending pretty quick, but I also kept second-guessing myself despite that which is always nice.

MAY 17

Corto Maltese: The Early Years by Hugo Pratt

Hey, this is kind of weird to say but, uh… anyone else think young Rasputin is kinda nice with it?

MAY 18

Moonbeam City

A TV series that is destined to live in obscurity. I can't help but think it suffered due to comparisons to Archer, but Moonbeam City never takes itself as weirdly seriously as the later seasons of Archer became and is more concerned with absurdity than anything else. On an unrelated note: did you know Archer wasn't actually cancelled 4 years ago, but it just seems like it? Weird, right?

MAY 19

Corto Maltese: The Ballad of the Salty Sea by Hugo Pratt

The one that started it all. The longer format seems to suit Pratt just fine, and is a great introduction to the series. 

MAY 21

Corto Maltese: Celtic Tales by Hugo Pratt

Again, pretty good stuff. The story with Merlin and Puck and all that Faerie stuff pushed it a bit, but It never put me off.

Wonder Showzen

An amazing gem from the last gasps of MTV actually trying to make interesting television. Fitting concludes by saying that making compelling television is impossible.

MAY 22

Corto Maltese: In Siberia by Hugo Pratt

One of the more forgettable albums. It's still great, but it doesn't stand out as much as other installments.

Secret Honor (1984)

One of the best performances I've ever seen. Phillip Baker Hall is enthralling to watch start-to-finish.

Contagion (2011)

Just like real life, Contagion is also disappointingly mundane.

MAY 24

Corto Maltese: The Golden House of Samarkand by Hugo Pratt

This is my favorite Corto Maltese story. Pratt excels when he combines aspects of mysticism, dreams, and history all into one, not ever really letting you know what's real or not. 

Corto Maltese: The Secret Rose by Hugo Pratt

And yet, Pratt can also go a bit overboard with the dreams and whatnot, and nowhere is it more clear than in this album. Again, I wouldn't say it's bad, it just seems a bit silly. Also, the linework is suspiciously large, as if the original was published as comic strips and then they were blown-up and re-printed.

MAY 26

What the Golf? (Nintendo Switch)

A golf game from people who seem to hate golf. Pretty good.

The Gardens Between (Xbox One)

Charming little game about friendship, that has a surprisingly flexible time shifting mechanic that never overstays it's welcome. But also, who the hell is name "Frendt?"

MAY 27

Hard Target (1993)

A perfect dumb guy movie featuring a cajun Wilford Brimley and a bug-eyed love interest. Highly recommended.

Melody A.M. Royksopp

Like the other Royksopp albums I've listened to, this one is largely inoffensive.

Metropolis Pt. 1 The M Machine

I kind of liked this until I tried to listen to Metropolis Pt. 2 which was awful.


Wasn't too bad. I also can't remember anything about it.

MAY 28

They Came Together (2014)

A solid parody, even if there are some slumps and sluggish moments. The sex scene is one of the best I've seen..

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984)

A solid start to Ghibli's legacy, but still doesn't compare to the much more comprehensive manga which sort of ends with Nausicaa killing God.

Gato Robo (Xbox One)

Yeah, it's metroid again. That's not a bad thing when it's done well, and Gato Robo indeed fits that criteria.

MAY 31

Horace (PC)

Offensively British.